The young woman stood awed by what she was seeing.  She was amazed at the millions of stars lighting the night sky. In the entire twenty-three years of her life she had never witnessed anything like what she was gazing at in utter wonder until a few nights ago. How had she missed so much of what hung over her night after night?   She knew the answer to why she had missed so much of this grand beauty. It was her own grandmother’s doing. Continue reading “FULL CIRCLE”


The sun was bright and warm for early March. Much too pretty of a day to be in the local cemetery listening to the minister’s final words before Mark McClure was laid to rest.

I looked around at the sad faces and could hear his widow’s soft sobs. Funerals were such a sad occasion for families and friends to come together to lament over their memories of the person no longer present. Sadly, it seems to be a necessary ending for all of us.

Then it occurred to me that on my next birthday, I was going to give myself one whing-ding of a birthday party. Continue reading “SECRETS”